AWS #3 Storage Vendor Today, #1 in 2020

There's a lot of data published every day about the revenue and growth rate of the enterprise storage vendors, and about the overall growth rate for public cloud Infrastructure-as-as-Service (Iaas) providers. But to the best of our knowledge, no one has published...

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Pure Storage Introduces Storage-as-as-Service

There’s a New Class of STaaS That Changes Everything While the revenue of incumbent leaders flatlined during the last 5 years, Pure Storage led an assault on legacy technologies and methods of delivering enterprise storage. Pure’s fresh approach including...

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The Pendulum Swings Back to Shared Storage for VMware ESXi

    The Storage Pendulum (Download Report)   The Migration from DAS to Networked Storage Driven by Higher Utilization The use of enterprise-class NAS and SAN storage systems went mainstream at the turn of the millennium. By 2000, IT organizations were...

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Backing Up Mountains of Data to Disk

5 Year Total Cost of Ownership Case Study The following are the results of an IT Brand Pulse total cost of ownership study. The report includes actual price quotes from SAN solutions from EMC, IBM, and NetApp, compared with five software-defined storage solutions from...

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On Premise as a Service: Like Leasing, Only Better

Zadara Storage was recently voted by IT pros as the brand leader in the emerging market for on premise enterprise storage as a service (OPaaS). Validating the importance of OPaaS, Microsoft yesterday announced an on premise offering for Azure. Zadara, Microsoft...

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Industry First: SUSE Introduces CephFS

CephFS Unlocks Universal Software Defined Storage SUSE Enterprise Storage is based on Ceph, an open-source platform designed to provide storage from a highly-scalable, high-availability, cluster environment. The foundation of Ceph is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed...

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