Industry’s First Petabyte-Scale On-Prem STaaS

From Gigabyte-Scale to Petabyte-Scale StorageIT Brand Pulse defines petabyte-scale storage simply as “systems designed specifically to deliver high-performance and availability in multi-petabyte environments.”In 1987, Infinidat founder and CEO Moshe Yanai led the...

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NVMe over RoCE for Noobs

Today Pure Storage is the first major storage vendor to announce availability of NVMe over RoCE Fabrics. While users at nearly 100% of businesses use some type of networked storage, IT Brand Pulse estimates that less than 1% of IT organizations are using...

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3 Hottest Trends in Flash Storage

Persistent Memory, NVMe over Fabrics and Hybrid Cloud Storage The 3 hottest trends these storage IT leaders are considering are flash storage in hybrid clouds, NVMe flash fabrics and persistent memory in AFAs.   Watch this webinar to learn about the:...

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