Brand Leader Program

The Surveys

IT Brand Pulse conducts annual brand leader surveys covering over 150 product categories (see current Brand Leader Survey Calendar). For each survey, respondents are provided with a description of the product and a list of vendor choices, and asked to select who they perceive as the leader in six brand categories.

Importance of IT Brand Leader Surveys

For IT Pros, brand leader surveys provide meaningful data representing the opinions of hundreds of their peers about various products and vendors. For IT vendors, brand leader surveys uniquely reveal how a company is perceived by a cross-section of large enterprise, SMB and HPC IT pros, relative to other brands. The brand leader surveys are non-sponsored, independent research.

What Brand Categories are Covered?

For each survey, IT Pros are asked to vote for Market, Innovation, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support, and Price leaders from a randomized field of provided vendors (or the opportunity to write in an answer choice).

Definitions of  Brand Leadership

Market Leader – The combination of innovation, performance, price, reliability, and support, specific to a product category; making that product an overall market leader

Performance Leader –  The product which is the fastest, and/or delivers the quickest user response time

Innovation Leader – The product that brings useful new features and benefits ahead of the competition

Service and Support Leader – The product with the most accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, and reasonably-priced service and support

Reliability Leader – The product (component, software, or system) that most consistently performs its intended or required function or mission without degradation or failure

Price Leader – The product with the most value for the price

Which Product Categories are Covered?

Brand Leader Surveys incorporate hundreds of data center IT categories each year including servers, storage, networking and software. Click to see the 2018 brand leader categories and results.

Who Did IT Pros Vote For?

NetApp, Amazon Web Service, Citrix, Cisco, DellEMC , Google, HPE, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, SanDisk…and many more.

Click here to see the 2018 Brand Leader Survey Results, or our Leader Gallery of photos and videos.

Where do the Survey Responses Come From

Responses are solicited from the extensive IT Brand Pulse IT Pro and end-user database subscribers and over 1,000,000 members of online IT groups.

Who Votes for IT Brand Leaders?

Global IT Pro respondents to recent surveys include: 20th Century Fox – IT Manager/Director; American Airlines – Data Center Manager; Apple – Data Center Manager; AT&T – Server Administrator/Architect; Bank of America – Executive Management; Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) – Storage Administrator /Architect; Boeing – Data Center Manager; Booz Allen Hamilton – Network Administrator/Architect; CalPERS, State of CA – Network Administrator/Architect; Caterpillar – Server Administrator/Architect; Citigroup – Network Administrator/Architect; City of Los Angeles – IT Manager/Director; Delta Airlines – Server Administrator/Architect; Duke University – IT Manager/Director; EarthLink – Server Administrator/Architect; EPA – Network Administrator/ Architect; Ernst & Young- IT Manager/Director; ExxonMobil – Network Administrator/Architect; FedEx – IT Manager/Director; Fermilab – Network Administrator/Architect; Ford Motor Company – Data Center Manager; GE – IT Manager/ Director; General Dynamics – Network Administrator Architect; General Motors – Server Administrator/Architect; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab – IT Manager/Director; JP Morgan – IT Manager/Director; Lockheed Martin – IT Manager/Director; Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) – Network Administrator/Architect; Lowe’s – Storage Administrator/Architect; Mattel Inc.- IT Director; Morgan Stanley – Network Administrator Architect; NASA – IT Manager /Director; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – IT Manager/Director; Northrop Grumman – Network Administrator/Architect; Oppenheimer – Executive Management; PepsiCo – Storage Administrator/Architect; Porsche Cars N.A. – Network Administrator/Architect; Prudential Life – Data Center Manager; REI – Server Administrator/Architect; Sandia National Labs – Network Administrator/Architect; Shell – Storage Administrator/Architect; Social Security Administration (SSA) – Server Administrator/Architect; Sony Pictures – Network Administrator/Architect; Stanford University – Network Administrator/Architect; Staples – Network Administrator/Architect; Target – IT Manager/Director; The University of Chicago – Server Administrator/Architect; Thomson Reuters – Server Administrator/Architect; T-Mobile – Data Center Manager; Transamerica – Storage Administrator/Architect; UBS – Executive Management; UCLA – IT Manager/Director; United Airlines – Network Administrator/Architect; U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission – IT Manager/Director; Universal Parks and Resort – IT Director; USC – Network Administrator/Architect; Verizon – Network Administrator/Architect; Yale University – IT Director…among many others.

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