2020 Storage Leaders: Enterprise Backup Software & Appliances

Enterprise Backup Software & Appliances: Backup products which provide some or all of the following in an integrated appliance: backup to tape, backup to random-access media (disk, flash, etc.), emulate the previous backup targets (e.g., VTL [VTL]), data reduction (compression, deduplication, single instancing, etc.), snapshot, heterogeneous replication and CDP (CDP).

IT Pros vote Dell EMC the Enterprise Backup Software & Appliances Market leader for the third consecutive year, as well as Performance and Service & Support leader. The title for Reliability leader was tied between Dell EMC and Market leader runner-up, Veritas/Symantec. Dell EMC found itself in another tie for Price leader with Veeam. Veeam was also voted Innovation leader for the fourth year in a row.

Market Leader: Dell EMC

Price Leader: Dell EMC & Veeam (tie)

Performance Leader: Dell EMC

Reliability Leader: Dell EMC & Veritas (tie)

Innovation Leader: Veeam

Service & Support Leader: Dell EMC

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