Market Research

Get inside the head of the IT professional with IT Brand Pulse. We take the pulse of the industry and arm you with data.

Every IT vendor aspires to deliver customer-driven innovation. In an ideal world, they would receive a continuous flow of feedback from IT pros about customer satisfaction, new technology adoption, and perceptions of their brand values versus the competition.

The reality is most companies don’t get a lot of customer feedback because implementing a research program in-house requires special expertise, and because it’s expensive to out-source market research.

IT Brand Pulse bridges the gap with affordable prices, and access to over 20,000 IT pro subscribers in our email database, plus over 1M IT Pro Linkedin contacts.


If you want to a quick pulse IT pro perceptions of a topic, IT Brand Pulse can design a survey and deliver survey data from 200 responses in 2 weeks. If you want to examine the topic in more depth and need a larger survey population, IT Brand Pulse can deliver survey data and analysis based on a much larger sample size.


To add depth to your research, supplement your survey data with 5-10 telephone or trade show interviews. In these forums, you will be able to explore the nuances of a topic with your customers. IT Brand Pulse will capture the interaction for you in a report with background information about the respondents, and highlights of the audio files embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.

The interviews can be done over the phone (the least expensive and fastest), on-site with the customer, at your facility, or at events such as trade shows.

Focus Groups

Focus groups add a group dynamic to your research. It is during these events that different views of a topic are revealed and can be discussed among IT pros. IT Brand Pulse will deliver edited video and a report with background information about the respondents, and highlights of the video embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.

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