Industry Analysis

The IT Brand Pulse Labs team covers data infrastructure from a 100,000 foot view industry analysis, down to hands-on testing. Below are types of technical documents which are available, as well as examples of recent reports.

Test Reports

As an IXIA Lab Partner, IT Brand Pulse is qualified to conduct performance and protocol testing on a wide range of Cloud IT infrastructure including servers, storage, networking and security products. Our test reports stand out with strong real-world application benefits for IT Pros. Read the recently published report: OCe14000 Performance Test Report

Industry Briefs

A report which covers an important industry trend or event. Want to see a sample? Read the recently published report: The Epic Migration to Software Defined Storage

Customer Case Studies

Case studies cover a specific customer and their application of data center infrastructure. Want to see a sample? Read the recently published report: Infrastructure Refresh Keeps Ticket Sales Flowing

Application Reports

A report which covers killer apps for a new data center technology. Want to see a sample? Read the recently published report: 16Gb Fibre Channel Eases Data Center Traffic Jams

Product Spotlights

If hands-on testing is a challenge because of logistics or cost, IT Brand Pulse Labs can do a “hands-off” review and publish a Product Spotlight report. Read the recently published report: A Look at the Future of Storage

TCO Case Studies

Efficiency and cost are king in the era of private clouds. Prove superior total cost of ownership in a TCO Case Study where IT Brand Pulse compiles and analyzes the cost of products. Read the recently published report: TCO Case Study for L2 Switches

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