Marketing Tools to Promote your Leader Awards

Your Company Has Won a Brand Leader Award. Now Get the Word Out!

Winning an IT Brand Pulse leader award is a strong endorsement by your IT pro customers. To help get the word out, a variety of marketing tools are available to you.

See how manufacturers like HPE, DellEMC (Storage), DellEMC (Servers), Cisco, Pure StorageSeagateNetApp, Citrix, Red Hat, VMware, Mellanox, Nimbus Data, Cavium, QLogicQuantum, SolarWinds, and channel partners like AceIQ promote IT pro validation of their brand leadership.

Use the tools to enhance your blog like Dell EMC, Cisco, Seagate, NetApp, SolarWinds, Red HatMicrosoft, Oracle, Citrix, Western Digital, F5Nexenta, and Cumulus.

1.  Award Logos

One price for up to 6 Logos

$1,500 Order Now

Brand Leader logos are ideal for PowerPoint presentations, social media, web pages, product collateral, signage, and booth properties. Award logos are each personalized with a product category and year.

1 to 6 Brand Leader Logos

2.  Poster Infographics

One price for up to 7 Infographics

$1,950 Order Now

Poster infographics provide a powerful message about your leadership in a visually attractive, and at-a-glance view. This style of infographic works great for blogs and as a motivational poster for employees. When you order this, one price gets your choice of up to 7 individual, poster-style leader Infographics: Brand, Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support, and Innovation.

Close-Up of Brand Leader Poster Infographic

Thumbnails of all 7 poster infographics

3.  Custom Infographic

Designed to capture your messaging

$2,950  Order Now

With a custom infographic we can capture your company messaging as it relates to your brand values which stand out.

Example of a Custom Infographic

4.  Brand Leader Profile

One page analyst report

$1,950Order Now

A perfect download or leave-behind, Brand Leader Profiles provide an overview of the market segment, the survey results, and a summary analysis of the brand values which stand-out to IT pros.

Example of a Brand Leader Profile

5.  Email Campaign-in-a-Box

Bronze – Once a week x 4 weeks x 40,000 IT Pros = 160,000 sends, approximately 8,000 opens
$3,950 – Order Now   

Gold – Once a week x 4 weeks x 80,000 IT Pros = 320,000 sends, approximately 16,000 opens
$7,500 – Order Now 

Platinum – Once a week x 4 weeks x 120,000 IT Pros = 480,000 sends, approximately 24,000 opens
$11,000 – Order Now  

If you want to do more than post your brand leader collateral to a web page, IT Brand Pulse can help you push the information out to our database of IT Pros. Our email campaign-in-a-box will feature your achievements in an IT Brand Pulse research-styled newsletter.

Example of an Email

Package A:  Logos + Poster Infographic

Logos ($1,500) + Poster Infographics ($1,950) = $3,450 Value

$2,950 Order Now

Take advantage of up to 6 logos and up to 7 infographics to provide ammunition for your marketing campaign…and you save $500.

Package B:  Logos + Poster Infographic + Brand Leader Profile

Logos ($1,500) + Poster Infographics ($1,950) + Brand Leader Profile ($1,950) = $5,400 Value

$4,400 Order Now

Add a brand leader profile to your inventory of marketing tools and save $1,000.

Package C: The Works

Logos ($1,500) + Poster Infographics ($1,950) + Brand Leader Profile ($1,950) + Bronze Email Campaign* in a Box ($3,950) = $9,350 Value

$7,500 Order Now

Maximize the marketing power of IT pro endorsements by ordering the works! Not only do you get the award logos, Poster Infographics, Survey Report and Brand Leader Profile, but the bonus comes in the Email Campaign-in-a-Box working overtime to spread the word (and visuals) on your achievements to 40,000 data center pros over 4 weeks. Save $2,300 when you purchase this package.
* To substitute Gold or Platinum Email Campaign-in-a-Box, contact us for package discount 

Also available….Award Plaques

Contact us for pricing – Order Now

Marbled in black wood with deep, sapphire-blue metallic overlay and rich gold accents, these 7” X 9” (or larger) brand leader plaques can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand. Constantly visible to employees and customers, it will be a lasting reminder of how data center professionals perceive your product. Each plaque will be personalized with your corporate name, product category, year, “Voted by IT Pros” designation, and individual leader award title: Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support, and Innovation.

All prices listed above are inclusive of global redistribution rights for printed and digital versions. To order now, or if you have questions, contact [email protected].

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