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    Research, testing and analysis
    focusing on Cloud IT infrastructure.
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    IT Brand Leaders


    This month’s surveys: Converged Network Adapters, Enterprise Blade Servers, Enterprise Rackmount Servers, Enterprise Server LOM, Enterprise Server Operating System, Enterprise Server Processors, Hyperconverged Systems, Industry Standard Servers, Microservers, NextGen Enterprise Firewalls, Server Virtualization, WAN Optimization
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    Major vendors look to IT Brand Pulse Labs for solution-oriented test reports.
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Our Research

Get inside the head of the IT professional with IT Brand Pulse. We take the pulse of the industry and arm you with data.

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2014 SSD
Adoption Trends Report

(presented at Flash Memory Summit)

Brand Leaders
as Voted by IT Professionals

Q3 2014 On-Premise vs. Cloud Service IT Brand Leader Report
Q3 2014
On-Premise vs. Cloud Service

IT Brand Leader Report


Our Hands-On Lab

IT Brand Pulse brings together its relationships with Ixia and thousands of IT professionals to deliver end-user oriented test reports and technical marketing collateral.

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IXIA Lab Partner

As an n IXIA Lab Partner, IT Brand Pulse is qualified to conduct performance and protocol testing on a wide range of Cloud IT infrastructure including servers, storage, networking and security products.

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End User Oriented

IT Brand Pulse is an expert source of technical marketing material written in collaboration with many of the same IT professionals who participate in our research.

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2014 Ethernet & Software Defined Data Center Innovation Leader Awards Presented at ETS

IT Brand Pulse presented the 2014 Innovation Leader awards in six Ethernet and nine Software Defined Data Center product categories, as voted by IT professionals in a March 2014 survey. The awards were handed out at this year's Ethernet Technology Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Honorees included Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, SolarWinds, VMware, and Google was chosen for a special leader achievement: Contributions to Ethernet Innovation over the past five years.

IT Brand Pulse awards are the symbols for brand leadership and are selected through surveys that are independent, non-sponsored research. These surveys--covering a wide range of products including networking, servers, and storage--measure the perceptions of IT professionals in large enterprise, medium enterprise and HPC environments.

SDN Industry Analysis – Presented by IT Brand Pulse at 2014 Ethernet Tech Summit

A lighthearted, yet oddly accurate overview of the SDN development and market adoption process.

Test Report

Real world firewall throughput testing of the Huawei Eudemon 8000E-X Security Gateway.

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Brand Survey

2014 CNA Brand Leader Report.

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Industry Brief

Cisco strikes back in the WAN Optimization arena.

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Application Report

Vonage migrates from discrete to virtual servers.

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